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Events are a game concept which can occur with Europa Universalis: Rome.

Event name ID File Type
The Fall of the Republic 530 broken.txt Country
The Tyrant has been Toppled 531 broken.txt Country
The End of Kings 532 broken.txt Country
The Tribe has been shattered 533 broken.txt Country
Enslavement 1061 governors.txt province
Delayed Delivery 2900 shipwright.txt Province
Lost Cargo 2901 shipwright.txt Country
Stolen Cargo 2902 shipwright.txt Country
Spoils from Shipwreck 2903 shipwright.txt Country
Organization of the Fleet 2904 shipwright.txt Country
Storm 2905 shipwright.txt Country
Bribes 3000 internal_politics_republic.txt Character
Leader Ransom 5500 prisoner.txt Character
Barbarian Ransom 5501 prisoner.txt Country
Return of the King 5502 prisoner.txt Character
Pyrrhus - The Great 7050 flavor.txt Country
Great Invasion! 7051 flavor.txt Country
Diseases are Spreading 7100 diseases.txt Province
Plague hits $PROVINCENAME$ 7101 diseases.txt Province
The Plague is Spreading 7102 diseases.txt Province
Do we help the war effort? 7700 morecivilwar.txt Character
Money for the War 7701 morecivilwar.txt Country
Men for the war 7702 morecivilwar.txt Character
More men 7703 morecivilwar.txt Country
Religious Disagreements 7400 religion.txt Character
Religious Names 7401 religion.txt Character
Religious Conversion (Roman) 7402 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Green) 7403 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Egyptian) 7404 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Carthaginian) 7405 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Phoenician) 7406 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Judaism) 7407 religion.txt Province
Religious Conversion (Zoroaster) 7408 religion.txt Province
Boundary Dispute 8000 cores.txt province
Provincial Citizenship 8100 pop_types.txt Province