Triggered modifiers

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List of Triggered Modifiers

Name Description Trigger Effects
Architectural Influences
  • Capital civilization value < 45%
  • Province neighboring capital has civilization value > 60%
-5% build cost
Barbarians exacting tribute

Any province:

  • Has no unit
  • Civilization value > 70%
  • Has empty adjacent province, with civilization value <40%, 8 barbarion power, and has no units in province
-2% global tax
Barbarian mercenaries
  • Has renowned diplomacy (Civic 26, open nobility)
  • Any adjacent empty province has barbarian power of 7
  • Any neighbor country has relations < 0
+10% regiment reinforcement speed
Barbarian Threat in Border Province We should pay closer attention to our border provinces. There is a great risk that they will slip into barbarian control if we don't build a road or at least station some troops there.
  • Have two cities
  • Any province which:
    • has no roads
    • has no stockade
    • has civilization value less than 40
    • has less than 10 population
    • has no infantry in province
    • Has empty adjacent province with 7 barbarian power.
Stability cost +0.05
Border dispute We need to settle all boundary issues once and for all, we cannot have one of our core provinces controlled by our despicable neighbour, it makes us look weak.

Any neighbor country:

  • Relations <0
  • Not at war against country
  • Not alliance
  • Owns a core province.
-0.2 ruler popularity gain.
Controller of Alexandria Owns and Controls Alexandria, but not north african culture group +0.01 ruler popularity gain
Controller of Antioch Owns and Controls Antioch, but not Hellenic culture group +0.01 ruler popularity gain
Controller of Carthage Owns and Controls Carthage, but not north levantine culture group +0.01 ruler popularity gain
Controller of Rome Owns and Controls Rome, but not latin culture group +0.01 ruler popularity gain
Cultural Influence By having our capital situated next to a highly civilized province some of its advanced culture is bound to rub off.
  • Capital civilization value < 45%
  • Any neighbor country:
    • Same culture group
    • Relation > 150
    • Capital civilization value > 85%
Build cost -3%
Deified ruler
  • Has idea deification
  • Has 4 cities
  • Capital has temple
+5% omen power
Disconnected problem area
  • Have two cities
  • Any province:
    • Lacks roads and stockades
    • Civilization value < 40%
    • Population < 10
    • No infantry in province
    • Has empty adjacent province with barbarian power of 7.
+0.05 stability cost
Eastern Sound Toll
  • Owns and controls Thracia
  • Owns one of Pergamon or Bithynia
+5% global tax
Incense Route Ownership of Petra and Tabuk gives us control of all trade passing from India and Arabia to the Mediterranean.
  • Own Tabuk and Petra
  • Tabuk and Petra contain Roads.
Trade income +5%
Large neighbour city


  • Population < 30
  • Adjacent province not owned by country, and has population > 200
+3% trade income
Mediterranean Breadbasket By controlling Carthage and Alexandria we have managed to secure the biggest grain producers of the Mediterranean undoubtedly this will spur our economy.
  • Owns Carthage and Alexandria
  • Does not own Syracusae, Panormus, or Sardinia.
Global tax +5%
Mediterranean Control Owns and controls Carthage and Panormus +8% global tax modifier
Metropolis Our capital has really grown the last couple of years and turned into a real metropolis. Everyone wants to be a part of the magnificent city we have created.
  • Have 10 cities
  • One of:
    • Have Large Scale Building (Construction tech 20)
    • Have civic planning (Civic tech 14)
    • Have idea National Prestige
  • Capital:
    • Civilization Value >= 90%
    • Has aqueduct
    • Has 200 Population.
+0.01 ruler popularity gain
Military Inspriation
  • Not have idea professional soldiers
  • Capital lacks foundry, and has civilization value < 65
  • Any Neighbor country:
    • Has 200 relations
    • Has profesional soldiers
    • Capital has foundry and civilization value >= 85%
5% research points
Naval Supremacy in the east
  • Phoenicia, Alexandria and Crete:
    • Owned
    • Has harbor
+0.1 naval morale
Naval Supremacy in the west
  • Massilia, Carthage and one of Panormous or Sardinia:
    • Owned
    • Has harbor
+0.1 naval morale
  • Has national oracle
  • Owns Dodona and Delphi
+8% global religious prestige
Panhellenic Games
  • Hellenic culure group
  • Owns Aetolia, Argolis, Achaea and Sparta
  • Capital has arena
-10% revolt risk.
Philosophical inspiration
  • Doesn't implement ideas philosophies or philosophical advances
  • Capital lacks academy, civilization value < 65%
  • Any neighbor country has 200 relations, implements philosophies or philisophical advances, and has capital with academt and civilization value > 85.
+5% research points
Religious Outcast
  • Theocracy or Religious tribe
  • Does not have Tolerance idea
  • Two owned adjacent provinces not following country religion
-5% global religious prestige
School of Athens
  • Have idea philosophies or philosophical advances
  • Owns Argolis (Athens)
  • Capital has academy and civilization value > 80%
+8% research points
Scientific greatness

Owns Alexandria and Pergamon, but not Argolis

+5% research points
Scientific supremacy

Owns Alexandria, Pergamon, and Athens

+10% research points
Sculptural Greatness
  • Capital has academy and stone
  • Has large scale building invention
-5% build cost
Silk Route By establishing a link between China and the Mediterranean our trade income has reached new heights. Owns and controls Rhagar, Ecbatana, Opis, Hyrcania, Babylon, Arabia, Seleucia, Damascus and Phoenicia. Trade income +8%
Supreme Ruler Owns Alexandria, Carthage and Rome +0.01 ruler popularity gain
Spread of Religious ideas
  • Have idea Divine Right or Religious State
  • Capital has temple
  • Any neighbor country has 150 relations and tolerance idea.
+8% Global religious prestige
  • No grain
  • No fish
  • Capital doesn't have a road
  • Capital isn't a port
-6% global tax
Tribute from our Neighbour
  • Capital civilization value < 40%
  • Any neighbor country:
    • Not negative relations
    • Has two cities
    • Has capital civilization value > 70%
Tribute income +8%
Unexpected Reinforcement
  • Any adjacent empty province has barbarian power of 7
  • Any neighbor country has relations = 200
+4% regiment reinforcement speed, +0.04 land morale