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Event can be used to diplay description, trigger, trigger condition and options of a event in a compact infobox.


Parameter Description Default Status
name Title of the event. empty required
text Ingame description text of the event. missing required
id ID of the event. missing required
type The type of the event (country, charcter, province). missing required
mtth For the base weight and its modifiers of MTTH-events. empty One of theses two is required.
triggered only To specify the trigger of 'triggered only'-events. empty
trigger Trigger conditions of the event. None optional
modifier For the modifiers of MTTH-events. empty optional
immediate The immediate effects of the event. empty optional
options The possible effects of the event. Please use {{option}}. empty required
collapse Whether to collapse the event. If set to ‘yes’ the content will be collapsed. empty optional
nocat If non-empty, prevents creation of categories. empty optional


|name =
|text =
|id =
|type =
|trigger =
|mtth    = <!-- for Mtth events -->
|triggered only = <!-- for triggered only events -->
|modifier = <!-- for Mtth events -->
|immediate = <!-- optional for immediate effects -->
|options = <!-- options use {{option}} template -->

Note: Please use either “mtth”-parameter or “triggered only”-parameter.

== Examples ==