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Conquer Magna Graecia

The cities of Magna Graecia have become a real thorn in our side. It just might be better to incorporate those Greek cities into the Roman Realm.
  • Magna Graecia exists
  • Not allied with Magna Graecia
  • Magna Graecis controls either Tarentum or Aget Bruttius
  • Chance of mission: 1000, *1.5 if relations below -50, *1.5 if relations below -100
  • Eliminate Magna Graecia
  • Control Tarentum and Ager Bruttius
  • Reward: 1 stability, 5 ruler prominence.
  • Failure (5 year limit): -1 stability.

Destroy Carthage

The conflict with the Carthaginians has been dragging on for too long, it's time we level their cities to the ground and break them once and for all.
  • Carthage exists.
  • Not at war or allied with Carthage.
  • Carthage controls Carthage
  • Rome controls Tarentum and Ager Bruttius
  • Rome has not completed this mission in the past.
  • Change of mission: 1000, *1.5 if Carthage has less than 15 cities, *1.5 if Carthage has less than 10 cities.
  • Control province: Carthage
  • Reward: Ruler gains +1 martial, +10 popularity. +60 treasury. -5 war exhaustion.
  • Failure (15 year limit): -5 ruler prominence, -5 ruler popularity, -30 treasury.

Colonize the North

Our nation's economy could surely benefit from the establishment of a few more colonies. There are some suitable locations up in the north, that could be worth investigating.
  • Rome not at war or paying tribute.
  • Liguria abd Bononia are enoty,
  • Chance of mission: 1000, *1.5 if controlling Magna Graecia, *1.5 if controlling 20 provinces.
  • Control Liguria and Bononia before another country colonizes them.
  • Reward: +30 treasury
  • Failure: -10 ruler popularity.

Take Control of Macedonia

Alexander of Macedon, may once have been the greatest, but his empire has long since fallen into pieces. It shouldn't take to much effort to bring that old kingdom under our rule.
  • Macedonia controls province Macedonia
  • Not allied with Macedonia.
  • One of the following is true
    • Rome completed mission Destroy Carthage
    • Rome controls Dalmatar, Scodra, Taulanti, Epirus, Aetolia, Achaea, or Sparta.
  • Not at war with Macedonia.
  • Chance of mission: 1000. *1.5 if relation below 0, *1.5 if relation below -1000.
  • Control Macedonia province.
  • Reward: Ruler popularity +5, ruler wealth +100. +50 Treasury. Gain core on Macedonia.
  • Failure: Ruler popularity -10, stability -1.

This is a rather infamous mission, as Rome doesn't get Casus Belli on Macedonia when they receive this mission. As such, Rome has to find a way to either drag Maceonia into a war, or provoke Maceonia into starting a war. If you do not think you can win the battle, especially when Macedonia has a large number of allies, it may be best to time this mission out as the stability hit for failure is less than attacking with no casus belli.

Put and End to Greek Independence

The Greeks' days of greatness are over. From now on, the Romans will rule the Mediterranean.
  • Rome controls Macedonia
  • Achaean League and Aetolian League exist.
  • Not allied or at war with Achaean League or Aetolian League
  • Chance of mission: 1000. *1.5 if relation with Achaean League below 0, *1.5 if relation with Achaean League below -100, *1.5 if relation with Aetolian League below 0, *1.5 if relation with Aetolian League below -100,
  • Control Aetolia and Achaea.
  • Reward: Capital gains +10 civilization. +1 ruler finesse. +1 stability. Gain cores on Achaea and Aetolia.
  • Failure: -1 ruler finesse. -1 stability.

Invade Gaul

The Gallic tribes won't pose a threat to us much longer. Mount a large scale invasion to bring those barbarian hordes under Roman rule.
  • Carthage does not exist.
  • Helveti, Sequani, Aedui and Arveni exist.
  • Not allied with or at war with above countries.
  • Chance of mission: 1000. *1.5 if ruler Military is 7, *1.5 if 3 stability.
  • Control Arverni, Helvetii, Sequani, and Aedui.
  • Reward: Ruler wealth +300, Popularity +10, Martial +1. Treasury +60, War exhaustion -5.
  • Failure: Ruler popularity -15, martial -1. Treasurt -30.

End the Pontic Kingdom

Ever since incorporating lands of Asia Minor into the Roman Republic, the Kingdom of Pontus has been a constant nuisance to us. The sooner we put an end to that kingdom, the better.
  • Pontus not at war with, allied with, or paying tribute to Rome.
  • Rome doesn't own Pontus.
  • Rome controls Phrygia, Pergamon, Lydia, Caria, Perga.
  • Chance of mission: 1000. *1.5 if ruler Military is 7, *1.5 if Pontus relation below 0.
  • Control Pontus.
  • Reward: 40 treasury. -3 infamy.
  • Failure: -1 stability.