Religious Conversion

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A province converts to the state religion.

Province event ids 7402 through 7408, found in religion.txt.

There are multiple events with this name, but with different ids to handle each religion. An event applies to Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Cathaginian, Phonician, Judaism and Zoroaster. The Pagan religions do not get an event. The only difference among the events is the religion used in the event, with all religions behaving identically.

Religious Conversion
The people of $PROVINCENAME$ has adjusted very well to our country's customs and beliefs. So well in fact that they have decided to adopt our religion as their own.


  • Province does not have state religion.
  • High priest has finesse of 6 or higher.
  • MTTH: 300 months
    • Adjacent to province with state religion: 0.7
    • Ruler is pious: 0.85
    • Ruler is zealous: 0.85
    • Ruler is devout: 0.85
    • Ruler is righteous: 0.85
    • Government is theocracy: 0.85
    • Government is religious tribe: 0.85
    • Has 15 cities: 1.5
    • Has 25 cities: 1.5
    • Has 35 cities: 1.5
    • Has 45 cities: 1.3
    • Has 55 cities: 1.2

Option - That is good to hear
  • Province switches to state religion