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This page lists the codes which may be inputted into the Console Window, a special debugging window which may be accessed by pressing and holding Alt+21 (21 on the number pad).

Commonly used

Command Effect
cash Extra Money
stability Gives +3 stability

List of events

Event ID Name of event Event's effect
500 name Gain Trait "Victorious"
1065 [<Province ID>] name +2 Civilization in a specified province, +20 gold
2506 name Invest in religious tech
2600 name Invest in construction tech
2704 name Invest in land tech
2804 name Invest in civic tech
2900 [<Province ID>] name Get two Triremes in the capital
2904 name Invest in naval tech
3010 name Gain Loyalty or Finesse (only 25% chance)
3026 name Gain Prestige or Popularity
3033 name Gain 1 Martial and lose 20 loyalty
3093 name Gain 1 Charisma
3122 name Spawn 2 Raider Units in Capital and lose 20 gold
3510 [<Province ID>] name Lose 1 population
3540 [<Province ID>] name Add 2 or 1 population in the capital and lose some gold
4001 [<Province ID>] name Barbarian Absorption in specified province; also adds 1 population every time and will trigger event 4010 on its own
4010 [<Province ID>] Successful Colony Changes the culture and religion of the province if barbarian power is less than 1
5208 name Gain 1 Finesse
8000 [<Province ID>] name Press issue to gain a core in specified neighbor's province; won't work with provinces you already own
9006 name Get three heavy infantry, three cavalry and three archer units in the province where your ruler commands an army or in your country's capital if your ruler isn't leading any armies.

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