Barbarian Ransom

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Barbarian Ransom is a small event chain concerning ransoming characters. The first event is given to the barbarians, with this one being shown to the country.

Character Event 5500 - Leader ransom

The barbarians who hold $CHARACTERNAME$ are willing to negotiate his return.


  • Is prisoner to Barbarians
  • Character's home country is not barbarian, and has at least 50 coins.
  • MTTH: 6 months
    • Charisma >=6: *0.5
    • Charisma <4 : *2
Option A - Ask for Ransom
  • Triggers event 5501

Country Event 5501 - Barbarian Ransom

The filthy barbarians holding $FROM_CHARACTERNAME$ prisoner are finally willing to negotiate $FROM_SUBJECT$ return.
Option A - Of course we will pay!
  • Costs 50 gold
  • Character is released from prison.
  • AI Always chooses this option
Option B - Sadly, $FROM_SUBJECT$ glory days are over...
  • Character is killed.
  • AI Never chooses this option.